Oops (very late random reason to love Steam Powered Giraffe #3)

Lazy Sunday-itis got to me and I plumb fell asleep before I could think of a Reasons to love Steam Powered Giraffe article...

So check out: The dedication to their art...

You get a free listen to some SPG tunes as well, so enjoy these :3

Sam Luke transforms into the lovable bronze stove woobie Hatchworth [give him a bit of leeway, Hatchy's been shut in a vault for 80+ years. He has no idea he's weird].

Isabella Bennett changes herself into the copper clockwork entertainer Rabbit. The makeup here is outdated (of course), because if you don't like the way Rabbit looks, wait five minutes. Izzy will change it.

And last, but by no means least, David Bennett morphs into the stunningly sexy silver The Spine. Each of these makeups takes about two hours to apply, and you can tell that they have it down pat.

Then, as best as I can surmise, they all go and group-tackle their sound engineer, Steve Negrete; to apply colour to his locs, eyeliner to his face, and some variety of costume to his body so that audiences will debate his status as an actual dragon:

Steve exhibits his natural talent of posing for Beth, their photographer (Photograph courtesy of TrekkieBeth on Tumblr)

I am completely unaware as to whether Steve knows that he's a dragon. It's a common headcannon amongst the Fanmily, so my best guess is that he's at least heard of it.

Then they do random pre-show stuff. You will often find Steve chilling somewhere with a hang drum and you might be lucky enough to schmooze with the 'bots whilst you wait in the queue. But you're more likely to be accosted by Li'l Steve, Steve Negrete's yarn doppelganger. Trust me, it's all in good fun.

Fans have been known to set up camp some hours before the show. In full makeup and costume. Some turn up as duplicates of SPG, some appear as alternate universe interpretations of SPG [Ballerina Rabbit, Lady Hatchworth, Velociraptor Spine... the list goes on] and many more go as their FanBots or Robosonas.

But if you're too shy to do any of that, it's okay. You can always buy a shirt from the Walter Workers at the merch stall. Life is short, spread the love.