Major World Issues You Should Know About


With my angry post hitting 10k notes already, I wanted to bring together a list of some of the events people have added. I guarantee things will be missed, and I apologize ahead of time. But without further ado:

-Their PM Tony Abbott is sexist, doesn’t believe in climate change, is against same sex marriage, and continually makes it harder for indigenous Australians in the country, among other things

-The government is insanely corrupt and people have been protesting to no avail, and some protests against education cuts (’austerity measure’) are met with violence

-PM Stephan Harper has cheated in the last three elections, pulled Canada from the Kyoto protocol, doesn’t support same sex marriage, has passed racist and Orwellian bills, and has driven the economy to recession
-Forest fires in western Canada (and Alaska) have driven over 13000 from their homes, with approximately 45.4% of Canada on fire. (Here’s a map of active fires)

-The Chinese stock market is in the third week of crashing, having lost $3.25 million since June 12, and Beijing is unable to stop it

-June 19; Hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake just off the coast

-People are starving under a modern dictatorship (source?)

-Unemployment is at 25.6%
-The fate of Greece as a member of the EU is still uncertain as they are rapidly running out of money, and opinion appears split as to whether they should remain with the euro or return to the drachma

Israel/Palestine (I apologize for being woefully uneducated on this at the moment)
-Huffington Post has list of things to consider surrounding the conflict
-This website has a timeline of the events leading up to the conflict
-Regardless of the history, people (civilians) are being killed

-The Iguala Massacre: 43 missing students have been confirmed(?) murdered by drug cartels

Sweden is being threatened to stay out of NATO, and it seems as though the Baltic nations may be annexed soon
-Putin’s party has released pro-heterosexuality propaganda

-Russia is heavily censoring the airwaves, and has cut electricity to the land that has been annexed

United Kingdom
-The governing Tories appear to be obsessed with pulling out of Europe as much as possible

United States
Police killings are headed towards 1100 by the end of the year
-Alaska is dealing with the same forest fire Canada is, and smoke from the fires has begun affecting the air quality in the USA as well
-California is suffering a deadly drought, and Nestle refuses to stop bottling water from the state (British Columbia (Canada) is also facing the same problem due to Nestle)

Also here’s a (probably incomplete) list of countries currently in a recession: Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, and Taiwan.