internutter: This blog is going to go silent, and I am telling you why. Tumblr's shitty reblog system with the unnecessary graphics has...


This blog is going to go silent, and I am telling you why.

Tumblr’s shitty reblog system with the unnecessary graphics has made reblogs unreadable for people with dyslexia and other sensory processing issues.

For the last two years, I have basically made my career out of being readable. I need to be readable. And I especially need to be readable when I’m reblogged.

Reblogging my shit gets my shit seen. It gets me an audience. It sells my stories [not as often as I’d like, but what can I expect? I’ve only been at this a couple of years]. And it showcases my skills to anyone who wants to google me.

Readability matters. It matters in large font with all the emphasis you care to add.

Without readability, I am sunk. I’m fucked. Screwed over. Up Shit Creek in a barb-wire boat without a paddle.

I’ve noticed an amazing lack of reblogs since the update and I can only guess that it is directly due to the shitty system that now exists. That’s direct loss of audience. Loss of income. Loss of attention.

I’m about ready to port all my posts to and start all over with the loyal few who actually bother to follow me there. What I need to know is whether or not Soup has an inbox system similar to or better than Tumblr.

Hell, I have actually been pondering learning how to program a better site than this one. And I have the computational prowess of a rotten whelk.

TL;DR - I hate what staff have done in a sad effort to crib notes off of Facebook and YouTube. I stand with the people who want easier readability, because readability matters to me.

And I hope you stand with me.

Silent for 24 hours for the reasons stated above.

My dear readers will be glad to know that Beloved and I are finally re-invigorating as a blog site. There may or may not be an arena for peeps to chat amongst themselves. I dunno yet.

The primary thing is for my daily Instants to have a fully readable area to exist. You’ll be able to share them on any chosen social media site.