Happy happenstance.

I always check when someone reblogs my stuff on Tumblr. Because sometimes, just sometimes, the tags are pure firkin gold. It's been a while since I posted this thing about The Adventure Zone. Which is fast becoming my Tumblr legacy.

So far, I've had comments like ";_;" and "OOF" or "Ouch", but this one takes the cake:

[Shown here: Tumblr tag that reads, "hey op im going to mail myself to your house and cry on all your pillows"]

OP, for those not in the know, stands for Original Poster. The person who made the original post.

...now if only I could do that to people with my novels.

The great news is that I have a boost to my personal energy levels, despite waking up at fuckoff AM and having fitful sleep after that. I really need to start making myself an evening tea again.

I have a small supply of sugar-free, caffeinated beverages, which I plan to use sparingly if at all.

Today, fates willing, I shall be adding fonts to the cover art I've completed. Which I still have to upload to my compy because I'm a firkin dummins. At least my Patrons can see the making of video.

On the fanfic front, I have a finished work that will probably be going up on AO3 real soon now. Very likely in three parts. Because I ended up going on for a bit.

Today feels like a good day.