Fuck infographics

OK, so I saw an infographic about common things we take and medications we should not take those things with.

One of the potential deadlies on that graphic was coffee and “asthma medication”.

Fine, thinks I. I shall quit coffee and play it safe.


For some reason, I was unaware of the time passing until it had gone half-eleven, last night. And this morning I was seriously weighing the pros and cons of staying awake so I can ferry the kids around versus my likelihood of winding up in hospital or dead.

So I google it.

Coffee should not be taken simultaneously with albuterol-related inhalers for bronchospasm relief. I can go for firkin DAYS without touching the inhaler ffs. I thought that graphic meant ALL asthma meds and not just a single one.


Also - be careful what you take as gospel, folks. Always back that shit up with research