It's game night tonight, so I'm excited to play again after about a month of absence.

I'm also doing all that I can to get the Kitty Kondo to a point of completion where we can have concrete poured at last. We're almost there. We're so close...

Once the outside is done and the concrete is poured, we can get a move on with the walkway and the interior. Kitty is going to have a lot of three-dimensional space to play around in.

Meanwhile, I have little that actually needs to get done besides the Instant Story, so I can ponder draining the puddles and adding the last board to the bottom, and anything else that should be done but isn't yet.

I'm going to get a dollar shop ladle to deal with the puddles, rather than try siphoning that shiznit. That's happening later today. Right now? I need to focus on my writing.

::stares at Tumblr for two hours::