Every successful "peaceful protest" movement in history has been backed up by a militant segment - including the Indian independence...

We don’t “need” to fight the police. They are part of the 99%. They are a part that has been mislead, and deceived, and hasn’t woken up, yet. By fighting the police, the 99% are fighting themselves. Nothing good can come of that.

The right-wing media would love you to fight. It’s what they want. They need the “if it bleeds it leads” headlines to justify belittling the Occupy movement as a bunch of proto-terrorists that need to be put down.

Oakland PD is saying some protesters threw bottles, in order to justify the fact that they opened fire with tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and flashbangs. There’s plenty of footage of their action, but not one second of any protester throwing anything. The whole world knows they are lying SOB’s.

The instant you surrender to rage and hate, the enemy has you.

Stay peaceful.

Show the world who is right.