Challenge #02789-G232: Take This Sinking Ship

If you believe that Vigilantism can help a dying world, while also helping the underworld. You’re just another problem that’s need to be removed. If you truly believe that you can change your destiny, alter your fate. You better be ready to face the consequences. I’m not doing this for you, in doing this for the innocent lives you destroyed. -- Anon Guest

"Which ones were innocent?" said the vigilante. Their costume was a patchwork of police, special forces, and army equipment[1]. Practical in all ways except for the fact that parts had been altered to mimic the common brown rat. Clearly, they were not entirely sane, but that was not going to stop Jon Law.

When all other tactics failed, when tear gas, explosives, armed tactical strikes, or 'spray and pray' could not stop crime, they sent in Jon Law. He was the morningstar of justice, so that all proper citizens could sleep soundly in their beds. The fact that he had actually stopped to debate with a genuine whacko was something of a minor miracle, all things considered. Nevertheless, Jon Law would stop this vigilante. And their friends. And their family. And their family's friends...

"Which ones?" said Jon. "You just killed Elie Bandervandt. She was sixteen." If anything could be said about the young up-and-comer with such a promising future, it was that her end was quick and painless. She never knew it was coming. Nevertheless, her still body was cooling between them, and only the need to preserve the scene stopped an epic battle in the making.

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