Challenge #01661-D200: Failed Exploratory Mission 746

Panic is for when the crisis has passed. -- RecklessPrudence

The human had her under their arm like a sack of grain. Which is about all that Zarkak felt ze had to contribute to the continuing shenanigans. Right now, the human was running at full speed towards the Vorax line with one arm outstretched before them and the speakers in their livesuit on so that the Vorax could hear the battle cry.

One day, in much quieter times, Zarkak would find out the answers to certain things. Starting with the human's name. Ze could not read the Terran sound-glyphs that made up the name tag on the human's livesuit. Also, Zarkak would find out the true meaning of, "I'll rip yer bloody arms off, mathafukuz!"

But right at this moment, Zarkak was busy shrieking in distress and occasionally attempting to shoot hir stunner at any Vorax that registered in hir field of vision.

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