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Not enough people talk about the fact that Leonardo da Vinci was gay. Like, he’s literally the father of modern technology and one of the smartest human beings to ever live and I never ever learned in school that he was gay. 

If all the LGBT people are as “DOOMED” as the bible thumpers think we are, hell, at least we’re in good company. 

I was about to say I can’t believe I didn’t know this

and then I remembered the American education system

Yes, I can fucking believe I didn’t know this.

But yeah. Leonardo da Vinci was gay. Pass it on.

Leo painted a picture of his lover as Jesus and that’s the image we use today

Oh man that is sad. I’m sorry your teachers are failing you.

Some Leonardo facts you should tattoo on your heart:

  • He was actually convicted for sodomy at age 24, but the allegations were dropped for lack of testimony. The charges affected him immensely, as he was by all means, a very private person.
  • Da Vinci’s models for Christ are unknown. The claim that he depicted his lover as Jesus most likely arose from the bullshit about Cesare Borgia being the inspiration for White Jesus™ combined with the allegations that Leonardo and Cesare were lovers…There is little to no support for these claims. However, it’s speculated his lover Gian Giacomo Caprotti was the model for his St. John the Baptist.
  • He was universally beloved (minus Michelangelo lollll), like the nicest, funniest, gentlest, handsomest man you’d ever meet. He was generous beyond words, treated everyone equally, and loved to play pranks.
  • He was also fuckin’ ripped. It was rumored he could bend a horseshoe in half with his bare hands.
  • Often wore pink and other vibrant colors.
  • Rumored to sleep approx. 2 hours a night.
  • Was left-handed and ambidextrous. He was dyslexic, possibly had ADD, and suffered from frequent paranoia.
  • He was his own worst critic and often destroyed his work. He still left behind over 13k journal pages, filled with sketches and so many dick jokes.
  • His last words were: “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.
  • Would buy caged animals from the market just to set them free. He was allegedly a vegetarian.
  • For a time he kept a pet lizard and made him a custom set of wings and horns. He would routinely scare the shit out of people with his ‘dragon.’
  • My all time fave: While staying in the Vatican he would invite guests into a residential room which had been filled with cleaned/dried animal intestines that he had sewn together. He fastened a bellows to the end of the intestines and proceeded to inflate them. Onlookers were so excited to see DaVinci’s new ”invention” that they didn’t even realize this asshole was just blowing up a giant balloon and pinning them to the wall holy shit I love him so much.

Man… If he pulled that trick on the pope?

He had to have a lot of guts.