An Open Letter to the President of the USA

First, before anything: if you had bailed out the homeowners and not the banks, you would not be in your present pickle. There would likely not be throngs protesting in the streets, right now. There would not be thousands deriding you for following the whims of your owners campaign contributors instead of actually fulfilling so much as one campaign promise.

Secondly: If you continue to allow yourself to be bought by psychopathic corporations instead of concerning yourself with the interests of the people, you will be remembered as a stupid president. Possibly worse than George “Dubya stands for dumb-ass” Bush.

Third: Your country is pushing through laws that make America look like a dictatorship with self-interest as the only item in the schedule. This is not a state of affairs that has boded well for other countries in the past.

Do the world a favour. Stop America’s collapse into a new dark age by repealing corporate personhood, abolishing money as a form of speech, and enforce laws regarding the legal uses of the word “federal”. As in, if the government is not running it, it is not “federal”.

Give the power back to the people of America. The real people of flesh and blood, who toil for a better life and strive to follow the rules that are now written so that only corporate-people prosper.

Trust me.

It is America’s only chance.

And it is your only chance to bring about the change you promised.

The consequences of inaction are disaster. The consequences of continuing to follow your owners contributors are also disaster.

With Hope,

A concerned observer and recogniser of the patterns in history.