Friday, Long Weekend

It's a pupil-free day for Miss Chaos' school, so we effectively have a long weekend to laze around and enjoy ourselves.

I will get the samples for Rael prepped and try to figure out what the hell I did to get the PDF for Adapting downloaded. I can't repeat it so I might need Technomage Beloved to watch me try to do the thing to make it work :P

My PLNs today - Catio clean, bikkie made and ingested, and perhaps a pots wash to take some weight off of Beloved's shoulders.

Once I am done taking samples, I can get on with blurbs and maybe some summaries. Since I have chapters, I shall begin with chapter-by-chapter stuff and maybe punch it about to make it more readable.

I shall consult with my love about that. Summaries are hard. [insert, "If I could have told the story in X pages, I would have!" rant]

But before everything else, story.