Challenge #03766-J113: Kitten Miss

An unfortunate illness has begun to spread among a station's cat population, both skitties and transfers. People begin trapping the animals to test for the illness and get them treated, at least until an inoculation can be found. Spay / Neuter, treat, release. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The Skitties are self-regulating with some genes added for population control. Sort of related to how locusts swarm]

"This is Fernweh Station broadcasting a general distress call. This is a quarantine zone. Do not dock if you have cats or Skitties on board your vessel. We have detected a dangerous new infection that targets felines, felinoids, and like species[1]. It is deadly. We are searching for solutions, and you may only dock if you have them, and you do not have cats of any kind on board." There was an option to download a full documentation of the infection, replete with every offensensitivity warning they could provide.

It was a nasty disease, and the lingering pain its victims suffered was not for the weak of heart.

On Fernweh, it was easy to capture and contain pocket colonies of Skitties by sending out alarm pheremones. They could be isolated, have samples taken, and remain in their respective pods until something new happened. That vector of social contact was closed. The problem was the 'regular' cats. Feral or tame, they didn't like being captured and they really didn't like being isolated in little habitats. They hissed and spit at the people trying to take samples. Some used their claws against the attending Mediks' livesuits, no matter how ineffectual that was.

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