::Yakety Sax at 10rpm::

There's a party to go to in scenic Coominya tonight. There's cleaners coming today. I have to shop for nice clothes [I've shrunk and the kids have grown] and help clean the house.

Somehow, I have to fit in my Instant, my novel (1000 words on Fridays!) and a doodle to up my leet art skillz sometime this afternoon.

Update: I got an email from the cleaners saying they can't come and clean. FUN.

On the plus side, I have the free time to shop for clothes for three people. On the minus side... I also have to shop for new, affordable cleaners.

Most of my budget goes to food. I'm trying to cut down on waste by getting the veggies close to when I plan to use them, but that still doesn't allow for a lot of wriggle room. Spending $200 a week on cleaning up after my filthy family would make for hard times. I could barely make $100 a week...


You get what you pay for, and this mob, Adams Eco-clean was worth every cent I spent on them and more. I just wish they could come regularly.

I don't know if I have the time to do anything close to what these nice peeps did. I tend to get involved with whatever I'm doing at the time, and the time to do other stuff withers away.

But I can make myself pop by the shops, this morning, after the school run, and get a few things.

After that, it's a crap-shoot.