Working on the Footprint

We are now in progress on a University-dorm-room-sized rectangle that is going to contain the concrete bed of the Kitty Kondo(tm). Once we've moved all the grass and created a really interesting rectangular muddy hole, of course.

We're in overtime. I'm freaking out. Baby Meep is ready to have a new home, but her home isn't ready yet and everything is going so slowly and AUGH!

It's stressing me out, but I gotta keep going. Otherwise it'll never get done. It's me and the little darlings, for the morning. Beloved is off to Scenic Coominya to install a modem for family and promises to be back to help with the rest of the noise in the afternoon.

I hope.

I'm going to move some sod after I post this, so the story may be further delayed than they are usually. Mostly because my weak, noodly, jelly-like writer arms are being tested to the breaking point.

Just like my nerves. Yay.

This week coming, I might finalise the worldbuilding and dig my toes into Kingdom of Sand. Gotta make up my mind about the gang of five and figure out the actual plotty bits.

Then I commence writing 360K words. Bluh. Halp.

At least having a little kitty to keep me company in my bubble of weaving a world will make the ordeal marginally more entertaining. Less lonely, too.

Gotta work towards that.

Starting now.