First up, some good news.

  • I didn't need a coffee at all yesterday
  • Now that I'm on Ashwagandha, I am sleeping the night
  • I have discovered BetaBooks, which is an online facility so that authors can keep tabs on their beta readers.

I hope to get a stable of them eventually, but for now, the only one I count is the only one I can rely on - MeMum

I shall gather others. Leave an encoded email in the replies if you're interested.

Other good news - my cyclone migraine has finally cleared and we're going strawberry picking today. BYO buckets.

It's a matter of time until the family wakes up, so if I want this instant done before noon, I'd better shake it.

[Oh yeah - also a sugarfree, dairy free "ice cream" exists and it is tasty as hell and the salted caramel has less carbs in it than the vanilla. IDK what bizarro universe I just entered, but I ain't leaving]