::white noise::

Didn't get a lot of sleep, because last night was a rare night out. Kind friends had given Beloved a movie voucher.

FYI, The Mockingjay Part 2 is firkin awesome. Well done, movie peeps, for sticking to the book.

BUT going to see it also meant that I didn't get to bed much before 11PM.

My thoughts are full of static. I want to go back to sleep for a majority of the day. BUT, I also have 1K of words to do before the oven office reaches roasting temperatures, so I have to get a wriggle on.

Static in my head or not.

It's my habit to do one thousand words on Fridays so I don't have to fill some of my Saturdays with novel nonse. It works well for me. And it works really well for my family, because they don't have to listen to me bitching about how I'm missing out on reaching word counts during social events.

Health wise, I'm too heavy again. I like food that tastes good and it shows. I'm ninety-nine kilos when the Bullshit Medical Indicator reckons I should be eighty. That's almost twenty more kilos than I "should" have.

I'll be happy to get rid of ten, to be honest. The only time I was at or near eighty kilos, I was (a) a teenager and, (b) miserable.

I need regular meals, to start with. Snacking on whatever is laying around when I feel hungry is a definite bad habit. Portion control is another thing. And regular exercise is a huge problem.

We have year-round plovers and it's firkin Swooping Season for the dang magpies. Ten minutes' walk before breakfast is problematic when you risk contusions on the head just by meandering down the street. Any solutions that don't involve killing the birds would be nice.

On to do my daily thing.