Whelp... Here we go again.

After boxing up all of the meals - twenty-five of them, to be precise - there is one more enormous task to face.

Unfucking an entire kitchen.

This is a process that involves taking everything off the kitchen countertop, cleaning that, cleaning the stuff that goes back on, and then putting all the stuff back that belongs there.

What to do with all the stuff that doesn't belong there is the next problem.

I also have to scour my emails to see if/when Chaos' new school uniform shop is open. So Chaos can be properly turned out when school finally starts at the end of January.

I'm trying to get my output done as lickety dang split as I can. The most I've done for any of my written WIPs is a sentence each. Bluh. Trying not to feel bad about it is today's challenge.

Let's get on with that.