I have recorded three stories and added a musical interlude and two advertising breaks... and I'm almost at minute twenty of the planned half-hour or around-a-half-hour I have in mind.

I'm going to have to record a different advertising spiel for the second show. My first one is already out of date. A little editing, a little re-recording. But not today because everyone's already up and about.

Today... I need to do a money run because I forgot to, yesterday. I need to put up a poll so my peeps can vote on my next rant. Before tomorrow. I need to put up my Patreon stuff, and now that I no longer have the TangleBag(tm) to show progress on, I think the $1 peeps get to hear the raw audio for my upcoming podcast, Inter-Mission.

Even if I don't record any more stories for a while, that should set y'all up for a few weeks, even at one raw audio per week.

We're good. We're good. I should get at least one more story in the bag before then. I should have something close to half an hour of audio ready to go.

Then I need to experiment with atmosphere sounds and loops that aren't too repetitious and -huzzah!- final version. Which will not be released until I have a decent idea of how long it regularly takes me to make some. Yay.

For now... there is the brat run. And writing. And staying conscious for the entire day.

Not fun given the 3AM internal alarm clock.