What the Actual Fuck?

Yesterday, I had a sore left foot. It was a minor annoyance and I tried to walk it off to no avail.

This morning, I took a look and discovered that I had a HAIR stuck under my skin, much like a splinter. 5cm hair, 3cm of which was embedded under my skin.




Of course I pulled that annoying little mofo carefully out from under my skin, but it's anyone's guess as to how the flying shit it got in there in the first place.

And I'm going to be on my feet for a significant time because cleaning day. Boo.

AND I still have to arrange foods for my loved ones whilst battling exhaustion. I really need a recharge, and that's likely not happening until this weekend.

One of my weekend tales is going to be late because hot bubblebath and cuddle sesh. Be warned.