What another fine day for politics...

...ze said whilst oozing sarcasm until hir audience drowned in it.

There's an old law that the POTUS can't have any kind of business earnings whilst also in power, lest conflict of interest rear its ugly head and corruption eat the government alive. And since the Muppet has shown no signs of surrendering his holdings to anyone else, it looks like the grand old new rule of "It's okay if Republicans are doing it" seems to be coming to the fore.

If this doesn't end in revolution, I shall be very miffed.

Meanwhile, despite actually taking my Serotonin slightly before 8:30 in the evening, I started having spotty sleep. And the tired fog continues. I mean, I'm used to functioning with head fog, but this amount is irritating and doesn't ever really fade. I can hold it off? But the instant I let my guard down, I'm dozing.

Not fun.

And yes, I'm still attending the office computer with a light in my face. The effect is almost negligible, today. I'm starting to get worried about this.

And I just this minute remembered that today was an excursion day and myself and Miss Chaos should have arrived early at her school. Fuck.

Serotonin is firkin frying my gorram brain.

Welp. If her school calls, I will make the mad dash. If not? I'll continue on with the plans I can bloody remember.

Fuck this shit. Fuck it sideways with the roughest of rough pineapples. And while you're at it, go get the Muppet, too.