We're having "fun"

It seems like Mayhem's medication only really worked for one night. I found out why when I looked at the packet - it only works for kids aged 9 to 12. Mayhem is 14.

So we're seeing the doctor again about getting something to help him sleep. After I see the doctor about getting something to help me breathe.

Meanwhile, the fun and games he used to get "to keep him awake" is not happening, today. I figure if the motivation goes, so might the sleeplessness.

Which means that a lot of laundry and dishwashing is going to get done. And if he runs out of any of that - there is still garbage to round up. Inside or outside.

I'm going to edit last years' Year of Instants for something to do, today. And twiddle with the title page so that it looks a little different from the other two. You know, along-side the usual 500 words and today's Instant.

It needs to get done, and I'd rather be able to point to a series of Instants if anyone asks me about my writing when I'm in the States.

I need a hat box capable of safely transporting a tophat... and all the places that might have it are in frelling Narnia or some shit. I might not be allowed to wear it on the plane because there's brooch pins involved.

The list of things you're not allowed to fly with is ridiculous.

And all the dollar shops have rectangular/square boxes. I already looked.

I might have to pay another visit to the costumery place or go to Spotlight and see if they have anything. Which means I need to bring my hat with me when I go...

...with a tired and grumpy kid in tow...

Fun times, children. Fun times.