Once more a shiny idea has waved its butt seductively in my direction. The good news is that all my $5 Patreons will be seeing it next week. At least, that's how I assume the Patreon stuff works.

Yes, folks, I have started writing some The Adventure Zone fanfic. Including my headcannon about what Taako looked like before the Animus Bell adventure.

I'm already having huge amounts of fun with it, so my $1 Patrons are in for a treat.

Today, however, is a cleaning day. Which means I get to pick up all the mess from the Crack Slaw and the chocolate praline "muffins" I made yesterday. Woot.

The "muffins" turned out to be very bitter. I shall be consuming them with loads of cream. Next batch will contain more Stevia than the two and a half cup-equivalents I chucked in there. And I won't be sticking pure cocoa melts on top any more. That was just a very bad idea.

Fortunately the green colouring of pure Stevia dust didn't translate into green in the food. I'll have to see what it does with whipping cream. At a later date.

As for now, I must await the bus. And work on the 'inking' of Beauties and the Beastly's cover. Yes, folks. The master sketch is done and I've moved on to the line work.

Wish me luck.

I think I'll need it.