Well, shit

Or, in this case, no shit. Chaos has the Keto Clogs and convincing her to take the guaranteed-to-work Pink Drink is an uphill battle.

I'll be looking into everything I can do to help her out, today. But first...

Today's the last day we've got to talk re-enrollment for Mayhem's year eleven, and the only time slot is this morning. So I have Chaos in my trail whilst we talk proper schooling with Mayhem and the people whose job it is to educate him.

And I know damn well that certain schools are quite happy to take a kid until it effects their success tally. So this is deep beans.

On the plus side, Mayhem has a traineeship with a game company, so that may be a foot in the door. If he can focus on his work for a change. I know for a fact that this child can't focus on anything at home, so it's a leap of faith to trust him in a workplace.

Big leap for my young man.

Big life lesson no matter which way it goes.

I have to find out what else can help her out, today. Doctors might not be able to see her.

And sometime after that, I still have to deliver content for all of you. Fun times. Fun, fun times.