Well, fuck

The rape case is off. The muppet's supporters harassed the poor girl who had two witnesses to her assault... and they did so to the point that she withdrew the charges.

Fuck the muppet. Fuck his fanboys. Fuck everyone who thinks this is okay.


With a rough pineapple.

Our only hope now lies in the Electoral College deciding to go with the popular vote and casting the muppet down into the ignominy that he deserves. Which really is wishful thinking.

My hopes and prayers go to the American people who are going to be hurt by this muppet and his blind followers who think his reign is carte blanche to act like arseholes. May all who are suffering stay strong, stay alive, and live to throw the muppet out as soon as humanly possible.

In more personal news, my shoulder seems to be healing okay. In that it's not giving me quite as much pain as it did yesterday, and I've worked out ways to lie down without corrugating my ears. So huzzah on that, I guess.

As is typical when I'm out for the count, mess is starting to accrue. I'm encouraging my little darlings to help where they can, but Beloved has reverted to pure inertia and unhelpfulness. With luck, I'll be able to nibble the accumulations down a little bit, today.

And I'm bright enough and relatively comfortable enough to finally post those prizes to my loyal followers who won them. Yay. I'll contact you privately with the tracking numbers.