Well crap.

It's half past two in the morning. Beloved has barely finished with the busy season at work...

So of firkin course they get a late night visit from the Gastro Fairy.

Which has me awake during the criminally small hours, worried about their continuing health.

This has been happening since about one in the morning, folks. Whenever I look forward to some good times, Mr Murphy seems to be eagerly waiting in the wings.

I can't sleep, the love of my life is sick, and despite my best efforts, we're running low on cash yet again. I rather expected that lump sum from MeMum to exist for a while longer.

Firkin bills.

I know that any sleep that I snatch from now on will be almost pointless, but I am now the only resource I've got. I need rest to function. Yet any rest I try will be disturbed by Beloved on another trip to the ensuite.

Life sucks at 3AM. I think it's some kind of law.