Wednesday, Wordpress, Unfuckening, and Nonsense

Yesterday was A Day(tm). The difference between "a day" and "A Day(tm)" is that during A Day(tm), you get slapped in the face by Murphy's Laws. A lot.

So. Firefox kept crashing because of a search engine famous to Windoze users for eating up processing power. And I lost all my browser windows and tabs. AND I had to rebuild the bare minimums and keep it down in future or suffer the consequences.

As a confessed tab hoarder, this is punishment in excess.

I got to see my shrink and unburden about the Beloved Medical Situation, BUT... because it was A Day(tm), my internet services via phone just firkin quit on the way there [like 10% of the way there] and did not resume until I got back home.

No music for the trip because EVERYTHING needs the internet. No ability to write whilst in the waiting room. I couldn't even play twiddle games because EVERYTHING needs the firkin internet.

I could not do my Patreon stuff yesterday because unfuckening my compy and learning process plus rebuilding a minimalistic tab hoard.

And this morning? I learned that I have to kill that search function every time I restart my compy. Huzzah. For instance, this morning, my memory usage was at 98%. After I killed the search "function", it dropped to 14%. One app does NOT need to take over the entire firkin compy. Cripes.

So this week will be an apology via Wordpress and a venting space about my week of hell.

Honestly if this level of horseshit is the worst I get this year, I will be happier about the rest of it.