Wednesday, Wordpress and Errands

I have made the video to my satisfaction, hooray. Now I need to get that onto a thumb drive. And the music onto a different thumb drive. Because technical nonsense.

And then chase down a little something-something for the ceremony. We're telling everyone on the day what that is. No spoilers.

Thumb drives still wig me out a little bit. In this era of clouds and remembering disk drives, it's still ridiculous that you can store a novel or three on something small enough to lose between the floorboards.

I shall be putting everything important together in a big, unlosable kit. And because I am that level of paranoid, also make sure it's in my car on the day.

All of this shall help you understand why this week's Wordpress will be yet another installment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. I'm very, very busy.

Priorities, paranoia, and a lot of caffeine are in my immediate future.

But I will still find time to write stories, because my mind is never far from fiction.