Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Day

This afternoon, all being well, my love and I are headed off for a nice evening out. Considering that things are SOAKED right now, we may have to cancel. Or be prepared for elongated travel times.

I want to write about Jigsaw Worldbuilding in Wordpress today. It is, more or less, writing about one thing and making lots of stuff clear about that one thing. I'm still at the point of getting nonsense nailed down and not a single one of the finicky details.

Some of those finicky details cost money I don't have.

The good news for my streaming is that I earned some Cheer today! I know $30USD buys 1500 Cheer, so 50 Cheer isn't a lot. But it is a start. I might be making money out of this streaming lark. That'd be great.

Income from all my endeavours would be firkin AWESOME. And if I can keep away from SuperMegaGloboCorps who do evil things, all the better.

SOMEtime, I will fully investigate Merch Options. That may not be today.

But in the meantime, I write.