Wednesday, Day Zero, Last Day of School

SIX gorram cases, all from overseas. The Yule Flood probably won't end until half-past january, Twenty-one active cases. I am very nervous about this.

Today's agenda includes going through the chest freezer for everything inedible, unwanted, and just plain old. We need more room in there for the party stuff.

In the news:

  • China's plan to punish Australia by not buying Aussie stuff backfires
  • Murder victim Allecha Boyd finally found
  • Ghislaine Maxwell suffering in prison, boo hoo
  • Muppet press secretary goes after fellow Repugnicans for ignoring Muppet demands
  • Cops raid COVID Whistleblower for publishing actual statistics on the plague. She's back at it inside 24 hours
  • Kmart and Target set to change after a kid nearly lost her eye WTF?
  • Anthony Fauci warns of horrendous consequences resulting from the Muppet ignoring the plague
  • More Muppet lawyers test positive for the plague
  • Some countries trying to corner the vaccine market. Surprise, they're the ones with the most money
  • "Quality" parenting is hanging your baby in a babybjorn on the back of a chair while you get drunk and hit on randos at the bar. Charming
  • Shabby chic decorators make a crimbolio star out of $2 hangers, zip ties, and fairy lights that happen to be lying around
  • Keyhole wasps endanger planes by making nests in airspeed indicator tubes
  • Now that there's less plague in Aus, the borders are opening up some details here
  • Israeli ex-head of security says aliens are real and have a deal with the USA, including having an underground bunker on Mars1
  • Maccas releases nutella-filled hotcakes, expected to sell like... youknow...
  • Etsy seller contributes to paedophilia by creating sex dolls modelled after a 14YO instagram star... among others if the buyer happens to have photos. Gross. Seller claims the market demands the supply. Double gross. At least arrests have been made thanks to the client list

BLAUGH. I need to take a break from the news again. I want to wash my brain out. Give me fluffy romance and two people being goofs together with consenting adults as chief players. PLEASE.

  1. Which is rubbish. We all know they have an outpost in the Tsiolkovsky crater /sarcasm