Wednesday- Day Six

I did phone calls to get the cats' jabs and my car service, yesterday. Arranging all the nonsense had me wiped out. Emotional labor is a thing.

Poor kitties are in for an adventure tomorrow.

In the news:

  • Muppet brags that he has the absolute right to give himself a pardon
  • Photo of Muppet being welcomed by former Prez shows up to embarrass Muppet
  • One off Crimbolio Rules appear for Xmas During Plague
  • Muppet's secretary of state claims a "smooth transition" to a "second term" for the Muppet with a giggle
  • Ivana Trump calls Muppet a "bad loser" - she'd know best
  • Muppet tantrum continues, including firing as many people as possible
  • Pfiser simultaneously states that it's still early days on their vaccine work and disavows any and all involvement from/with the Muppet
  • More palaver about Ivanka running for Prez in 2024
  • Quarantine hotel food so horrible, people stranded there opt for Uber Eats
  • Muppet-appointed NASA admin threatens to quit when Biden takes over. This is not the threat he thinks it is
  • Price wars commence on electric cars
  • Egypt announces enormous discovery in "City of the Dead" in Saqqara site
  • ATO says you can't claim your carpool even if you're with a rideshare app
  • Maccas launches the schnitzelburger
  • UK student shares her $10/5days food plan - lots of oats, lentils, white bread and beans, lots of no-brand items. This will of course be the cue for the right wing to slash student funding even further

I wrote more in KOSBOB than I expected today and the finish line is in sight. Working on a logical close rather than a word count, of course. Because all this build-up has to feel real at the end.

Eight hundred words to go. Yeeps.

Onwards to the daily tale.