Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Two new cases, all captured in quarantine. There's thirty-five active cases, thirty-three in hospital and one in ICU... which leaves just one sufferer in relative comfort. Still scary beans.

This week marks the last installment of Destiny's Fools, which means next week is my time to go off about stuff for a bit of a while. Be warned.

In the news:

  • Concerns over the AstraZeneca vaccine causing problems are being ignored
  • ScoMo warns all of Aus about the PNG plague situation
  • Stonkloads of rain overdue for east coast Australia
  • Muppet's grip on both power and reality slipping
  • More dead sea scrolls are being found. Yay! History!
  • Light plane crashed into an SUV in Florida and 3 people died
  • US grandmother spots a demon on a babycam - what I've seen looks fake
  • Aldi's selling scallop gratin and bisque pots
  • Woman buys long-legged jeans and goes viral
  • People trying to smuggle bluetongues in pringles cans
  • Chinese diplomat tries to discourage Chinese from investing in Aussie real estate. More fool them, the Aussie xenophobes actually want that

Onwards to the nonsense.