Wednesday, Day 0, Hiding

Five new cases, all imports in quarantine, and the active case count is up to 33. ALL of those people are in hospital. I am firmly under my rock. This is alarming. So too is the news that all these variants could be more trouble than the original plague.

I have coined a new word - Knomira. Pronounced 'no-me-rah'. It's a portmanteau of "know my rights" which is the catch-cry of every entitled arsehole regardless of age, creed, colour, or gender. Knomiras can be literally anyone who attempts to bulldoze over anyone trying to do something ridiculously silly that could harm themselves and others.

I know one person named Karen and she's definitely not a Knomira. Spread the new word. Actual people named Karen don't always adhere to the stereotype associated with their name.

Anyway, there's Wordpress nonsense ahoy, and fiction happening later on.

But first - the news:

  • Her Majesty responds to the Oprah interview
  • China's invading our email systems
  • Photographic proof Bali will never be the same
  • Sad prediction for Prince Harry
  • Man hits child, gives cops fake name
  • Woman's body found in a shallow grave, and identified
  • Musk plans to make squillions out of battery farms
  • Muppet trying to sell one of his mansions
  • Gastro plague hits childcare centres

Onwards to the fantasies.