We had a little "fun" yesterday...

Anyone who's been paying attention knows that things have been a little harsh, lately. And yesterday morning, I needed to borrow the Alternate Car from Beloved just to get the kids to their assorted destinations.

Problem - Beloved's stuff was in there. We remembered to transfer the gate remote, but not the Lanyard that has Beloved's ID. Completely missed it.

And this thing is essential fucking equipment.

So I take off with the kids, their shit, and Beloved's Lanyard in the car. Trundle trundle, all the way up to Mayhem's bus stop [It's a 15-minute drive].

Meanwhile... Practically just after I swing out of view, Beloved notes that something important is missing. Sends me a text.

Silly Beloved. You know I don't touch my phone when I'm driving.

So instead of phoning me (like a rational person might) Beloved then takes off to Mayhem's deposit point.

By the time Beloved approaches? I'm headed the other way to Chaos' deposit point. Fortunately, the love of my life spots me and starts to follow.

It's another 15-or-so-minute drive to Chaos' bus stop. So you can just imagine the Yakitty Sax going on for anyone savvy to the scene. Anyway, Beloved catches up to me and then we couldn't get Mayhem to pass the damn Lanyard.


Life is fun, sometimes.