Vital statistics

This Saturday Statistics is marred by the fact that we've run out of some of our blood sticks. So all my blood levels are "no data" until we get more of them. Bonus - I don't have to stick my finger with a sharp object for a little while.

And after that tiniest of small mercies, from last week:

Weight: 78.5 kg
Fat weight: 32.8 kg
Waist/Height: 0.529
Blood Sugar: no data
Blood Ketones: no data
Breath Ketones: 20.7

Keep in mind that I've been crook and not eating a lot. As well as not exercising a lot. Hence the small fat buildup since last week.

Now that we're more or less back to normal, I expect to resume exercising and losing fat.

I'm three weeks away from finishing Beauties and the Beastly, which means I am also three weeks away from editing Adapting and four weeks away from starting work on Rael. I really need a catchier title for that.

Engineered Failure? Designer Flawed? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Rael was made with every possible flaw that the design team could think of, to test how many mistakes the gene splicers on the factory floor could make and still have a viable product. Until his makers decided to futz around with intelligence levels, he was the most flawed 'product'. That has had something of a damaging effect on his psyche.

...maybe if I find a way to put 'Broken' somewhere in the title.

Misfit Toy? I really don't know.

I have four weeks, and then ten months of writing, to think about it. Perhaps genius will strike down the road. Just watch. You'll have bulletins about how I have the perfect title, then no, this is the perfect title. And then I'll have a poll.

I'm also pondering getting back to Novl'r. It might be accepting Markdown format, and it'll allow me to work on Clockwork Souls on the sly. I've left that sitting for far too long.

I've decided which art program I'll be using for the animatic pictures, but I still have to do some studies and colour selections before I start working on the pieces. I will not be doing anything fancy with the animation, if I get as far as animation. Right now, I'm thinking about a series of GIFs stitched together for each shot.

We'll see.

It's all down to how far I'm willing to go for the band I love best.