Vice Quadrant Ship Date Info


I just got asked a brilliant question about the physical CD pre-orders on my tumblr and I thought I’d make a public post with the answer. :)

When will The Vice Quadrant Pre-orders ship?

Due to our small size and operation, we have no way of controlling the arrival date of packages. There is no way for us to hold deliveries until September 1st…


We will be shipping off pre-orders in the order they were placed…so if you ordered early, it will ship earlier!

BUT we aren’t waiting until the 1st to start shipping.
We have far too many pre-orders to do that, and we want to make sure the majority of people get their CDs by the 1st.

What this means is that some folks will undoubtedly get their Vice Quadrant albums early.

We won’t be holding off shipping at all, so if we have the albums arrive to our warehouse (aka my apartment) early and we’ve got the pre-order bonus buttons and autographs done for those who ordered before July…we will ship them out.

Some could receive their albums as early as a week before release!

And that’s cool.

I’ll let you all know when we start shipping them off on the social streams and you can eagerly await a shipping confirmation email…and then track your album shipment right to your door ;)

International pre-orders will take longer to arrive, but since we are getting a head start, hopefully they will arrive close to September 1st.

If you want to make sure you are listening to the album on September 1st, feel free to double your support and pre-order the digital copy too next week. Digital will be live September 1st!



::passes out::

Best. News. EVAR!