Using The Correct Tags


 So you want to comunicate to the fanmily, but not sure how to be herd. 

You have a piece of art and you would love not just for fans to see, but the band them selfs.

You have a piece of art that the band under no circumstance should never see, and you will deny any connection to it.

There are useful tags for every occasion and every fan. As SPG is a band that tries to aim at all age and social groups, these differences sometimes clash or just just get to cluttered. Fanbot veterans have made a system already in progress for evenybot to follow to keep things organised, easy to find, and free from drama.


This is the main tag for main discussion. Albums, questions, random dream you had, videos, are just fine here. Everyone of all ages should be free to scroll through this tag. Be aware the band members them self’s might scroll a bit every now and then, so if there’s something you dont want them to see, probably best not to use this one.


This is more for the side conversations that not everyone needs to see or the band needs to be associated with. Drama tends to end up here as well as off topics conversations. It just makes keeping the main tag a little lest cluttered and clean of negative energy. Not that using the tag=im going to say bad things, you can still add it in you collection of tags you got going, If you dont want to use the main tag but sill want it to be known its spg related, leave the main tag out and just leave SPG


Not quite sure if the tag came first or the band telling us over live stream to use this tag. If you want you art to be seen this is the tag to use. The band goes through this tag sometimes to find art to feature on their live streams. This is a PG tag how ever and sexual content are not welcome in this tag. However…



The band has made it clear that they do not mind art of then depicted in a sexual acts. Any fan fics or ships you wanna sail are cool with them…They just dont want to see it. 

“The SPG chat panel is flooded with Meme references and it frustrates you- well…guess what. Its the internet.Someone says they want into David’s pants and it irks you- well…guess what. Its the internet.There is fan art of David and me making out and it makes you projectile vomit- well…guess what. Its the inter-BLAAAAAAAAARGH-”
…the internet…—  Bunny Bennett (

Be sure to use this tag and THIS TAG ONLY when posting explicit content. There are  sub tags like (just off the top off my head) #spavid,  #fluffpowerdgiraffe the list goes on go wild with those, but what goes in this tag stays in this tag! There is no shaming of anyone’s feelings or use of this tag. If someone misstages, Politely send them a private message. All art and feelings are welcome in the fanmily.

The Band Member’s Names

It seems obvious but it sorts things out. If you want a band member to see a piece of art tagging them specifically may not work, but using their names as tags will give them a chance to scroll through.Again No explicit stuff in these tags. Even if it has the spine in it you dont tag em. (unless its like #spinexsomewhoever)

Live Stream Tags

During the live streams, sometimes the fans are promoted to do a specific kind of art and is given a tag to put it in. Sometimes something random and crazy will happen creating a tag disussing the crazy thing that happens. Like the one time David did an entire stream in just a towel and everyone acted like it was nothing wile the fans went nuts. Alot happens in the live streams and its a shame to miss them.  Luckily they are archived and you can watch them all…if you have that much time  

Random Tags

Random and crazy things happen in this fandom and trying to keep up with it all is hard. Be sure to check the bottom of a post to be sure you can adapt and keep the conversation going in a way that is most convenient for you and everyone else in the future looking to join in. If a topic on a tag is getting off the topic of the tag change to another or make up a new one 

“So most of us (if not all) already know about the ten thousand conspiracy theories the fandom has been coming up with lately. I for one would like to see more of other people’s contributions to the theories without scrolling through pages and pages of the “#vice quadrant” tag. So what I propose is that we use the tag “#spg illuminati confirmed” for our conspiracy theories. I have to credit singing-circuitry for the idea, since they came up with it while in a conversation with me.

If we use this tag, we can keep the fandom’s theories and findings in order and finally have a place for everyone’s discoveries to be put together. I hope maybe this idea can catch on and soon everyone will start using this tag.”


 If there is anything I missed or edits I need to make feel free to let me know and If I get enough I could make these a series of post about the different tags.

Hope this helps! See you in the #’s <3