Updated Help Me Please Post






So here’s the thing. My mother has made the decision to leave the state. She is no longer going to pay for anything in the house my brother and I are living in, including the mortgage. That’s her decision and right, but it does leave my brother and I in a tight spot as far as money’s concerned.

We need to come up with a significant amount of money soon so we can show the bank we can handle paying the mortgage. I need to be consistently making more money than I am so I can pay some more bills for the house. I currently pay the internet bill, and being able to handle the electric and water every month would REALLY help. If we CAN’T come up with money, our house is going to be foreclosed on, and I won’t have a solid place to live.

My mental illness severely hinders my ability to find and keep employment. Or even really leave the house for more than an hour a day outside of special circumstances. I AM working on getting help for this, but it’s really difficult and slow going.

Here’s what you can do to help me out:

  • Read my webcomic, (hosted on ComicFury and Tapastic) tell your friends about it. This sounds silly, but the more readers I have the better chance the next thing will be helpful.
  • Contribute to my patreon. This is HUGE for me, consistent money is the biggest help I could get! For just a dollar a month you can see me stream every week and see sketches of pages before they go up. There are other rewards too and they’re pretty neat!
  • Commission Me. I will gladly pour hours of work into drawings for you if you pay me. (More examples of my art here)
  • Send me money on paypa
  • Boost this post!

Much love to everyone who’s boosted and donated thus far

Update: 7/12

My mom is gone and the bank’s hounding us. At this point money would go to either maintaining this house (paying bills, trying to get the mortgage adjusted) OR, and probably MOSTLY so that when this house gets foreclosed on I CAN NOT BE HOMELESS

My therapy is too far to get to, so I have to try and find somewhere near by to hopefully be able to work out in the world.

Update: 7/27

I really really can’t keep living here even if we figured a way to keep the house i cannot keep living with the people I live with I need to be able to live somewhere else

Because people keep asking:

  • I’m 26, my brother is 30. 

  • The house is not in our name. 

  • The reason we are attempting to pay for it despite this is because our Father really loved it when he was alive. AND BECAUSE THERE ARE NO OTHER PLACES FOR US TO STAY. 

  • I cannot afford to live anywhere else which is why I need consistent income through these means.

  • I do not have any friends I could feasibly live with at this time.

  • A good example of how I am not able to function out in the world is that if I am out of the house for more than a couple of hours for any reason, including fun ones, I become so overloaded that I cannot speak.

  • Whatever solution you offer I have probably already thought of and have reasons why it cannot work.

I get why some of you might want to offer advice but if you don’t talk to me off of tumblr: don’t. Seriously, don’t. You are not helping me by doing this at all.