Ugh it's muggy

The storm last night wasn't that amazing for us. Nor did it give us any respite from the humidity. Even though it's currently 28 degrees [84 Fahrenheit], it's that bloody humid that perspiration is literally dripping off me.

This is the exact kind of weather that has me skipping meals because I feel too awful to eat anything. Or has me snorking down ice cream by the bucket load because it's just too hot to think of eating anything else.

Pre-hydrating seems to be working despite my bad eating habits. I didn't eat on Wednesday and made something of a pig of myself, yesterday... but I'm still holding steady at a shade under 94.5 Kilos. Huzzah for me.

MeMum has generously offered to make the hilarious bloomers for my cosplay - YAY!

I'm still waiting for the corset people to get back to me about their sizing chart. I mean. Look at this:

[Shown: the complicated sizing chart they give you on the site]

Ok, right? According to my dimensions, I should be a size 34 or 36 [I'd go with 34 because they say to go a size down]

But then I look up my chosen corset and...

[Yes, those are letters instead of numbers]


By my best calculations, I am a XXL, but I don't want to make the mistake of buying a corset that doesn't fit because some idiot couldn't make their site ordering consistent.

And the "nice" people in charge of this site don't answer their voicemail.

Of course I'm planning to pester them on an hourly basis.

And I have to do an internet order because the closest place to physically go is in Brisbane and the starting price is $400. Of course it's bespoke and fitted etc... I don't want to go that far.