Tuesday, Plague Day 22, Patreon & PLNs

I am officially off the roid pills today. I'm still on the puffer though and I shall see how that goes for me.

On the pills and the puffer - shaking like a little wet dog but also clear nasal passages. Off the pills but still on the puffer - the nose is closing up and I am still shaking like a little wet dog. I can still breathe, but the tightness in the throat that "reads" like an incipient asthma attack.

I might be taking meds that make me shake for the rest of my life. Just to breathe comfortably. Annoying, but I will find ways around it if necessary.

I'm not feeling sick or having other symptoms than the Post-Covid Cough(tm), and I'm well past being able to infect anyone with anything I have, so there's that. I have the ability to go out shopping without worrying if I'm doing someone a menace without knowing it.

Beloved's going to the office today (I think), so that gives me a chance to sneak off and get her Outaversary present and maybe source things to make her a fancy cake. I know every dollar shop in the area. I can find good things that won't break what little is left in my bank.

I stopped paying for a Minecraft server we don't use, so that's one less drip of green flowing out of my copybook that I have to have a concern over. That will kick in next month.

Mayhem's applying for work and nobody's getting back to him, alas. It must be frustrating for him to be doing all of that.

Speaking of frustration, Kait and I went shopping for FOOD yesterday, and the bill for that came for more money than I have. Total. And I'm supposed to PAY FOR THE FOOD. That's my part in the team.

So I had a crying fucking breakdown in front of goddamn Woolies. Goddamnit. I needed a good cry but NOT THERE. Fuck.

The worst things happen to us when we least want them.

Today is partial action day. Do the stream. Send child off to school. Send Beloved off to the office. Sneak away to achieve something NICE for someone I love with all my being.

Because she deserves some fucking nice.

[I do too, but I still feel like I have to earn it somehow and that's on me. Bloody head gremlin. Stick a cork in it]

Onwards to the rest of today's nonsense.