Traineeship Day!

Mayhem is headed off for an entire day of learning and effort. And I woke up at 3AM again. Bleh.

I didn't do the tea or the white noise, but I now have a supply of St John's Wort that helped me get a better quality of rest for the rest I got.

Which is... good.

I have no plans for the weekend. So after I'm done with the story, I shall probably spend large portions of my time where I can nap for however long I want. And do whatever.

I have an awful lot of Nothing planned. And I really want to enjoy it.

The fluff I started has gone into smut territory, but there's still oodles of WAFF for the reader and quite a lot of poetic imagery. Because one of the characters is a romantic sap in my headcannon, and it's all his POV.

What I still haven't done is get the PSD of the cover art up on my compy, and I shall have plenty of time to do that, today. I might even work on getting the title and byline up in that.

But for now, it's bus-watching time. And because of light issues, it's also time to get on with the fanficcery.