Today's the Day!

I am a happy, bouncing, frothing little fanbot this morning, because the best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe, are releasing their newest album, Quintessential in less than six and a half hours.

I have already tuned in to the pending livestream. Where a bunch of like-minded nerds fanmily are also lying in wait and foaming at each other.

I will once again be totally incorrigible. Playing the album over and over and over, often at full blast, until everyone begs me to stop. And even then, I'll just put on headphones.

And then... oooohhh. There's no telling where it might go. Fanfic. Arts. Weird-arse theories. Foaming at strangers. You know, the usual.

And in a month or so, I will receive the actual physical copy from my beloved band, and some new badges to go with it.

Gotta love SPG. After the last debacle with Vice Quadrant1, all fans who order copies will also get digital copies in their inboxes at the moment of release. It means less time in spoiler-loaded angst for fans like me who have to wait half a month or more for the post to come through.

There's still a little bit of angst for the folks who want their physical copies, signatures and badges, but the core of it is having the music.

I am going to be a hopeless nerd for a couple of months. Be warned.

  1. For those who are terminally interested, some physical copies got lost in the post. Nothing the band could control of course, but some fans were upset that they never got their albums.