Time is limited. Let's procrastinate!

I have until nine-ish to do as much writing stuff as possible. So of course, I'm distracted by Bunny Bennett's arting this morning and a whole bunch of other random crap. Because time limits make me think of doing anything other than the things I'm meant to do.

Writer stuff I pretty much have to do:

  • This blog (duh)
  • Schedule the next three Blasts From the Past
  • Instant Story
  • 500 words in the novel
  • Find and put up a thing for my Patrons-to-be

And the last one's getting slightly more difficult because I'm only working on so many fics at a time.

Will people understand that my time is limited and so is my output?

I don't know.

...and people have the nerve to think that writing is easy.

You try doing this.