Time enough?

I'm pretty close to fixing the last bits of this Year of Instants, so that means time for me to faff around with whatever I please. In this case, it may mean finally catching up with the TAZ Fic Writers' Discord.

Or it may mean (gasp) working on a stalled fanfic!

Or it may mean doing the Patreon/Wordpress stuff a li'l earlier. Who knows? I'll see where I am when I get there.

Progress on the lectin-free diet is... suspicious. Good news is that you can eliminate most of the lectins in no-no stuff by pressure cooking them, BUT you also have to remove the skins. It all sounds like guano to me, and the only real "benefit" is an absence of inflammation. Which I already had with the keto.

I dunno about this, Yogi.

It all seems unnecessarily complicated, IMO.

Today, after I'm done with today's Instant, I'm off to Costco to get some of that Garlic Aoli I firkin love.

I may or may not fall into temptation whilst there. Depends on what they have. Now that we have a pressure cooker, I'm kind of itching to play with it. Except, tonight my Beloved is making hamburgers.

Whatever. I'll sort things out when I get to there.