Thursday, Day 1, Not Organised

Plague news: Zero new cases! Thirty-seven total active cases, twenty one in hospital, two in the ICU.

We're getting on top of the outbreak. Not completely safe yet, but we're getting there.

We now possess a video doorbell. Which came with a sticker that is impossible to affix to any household surface. I've sought help about this but I don't have high hopes.

Beloved is going to make a vinyl replacement for the sticker that won't at some point later tonight. Meanwhile, the sticker that came in the package is affixed to the door with sticky tape.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world:

  • NSW going ahead with new freedoms, never mind the Knomiras
  • Victoria slams their Premier for keeping the state in lockdown for 208 days
  • Onlyfans realises 90% of its money comes from the sex workers using it
  • More families devastated by the plague
  • Travel blogger carries a Woolies cake to a different nation
  • Model uses plastic surgery to turn herself into a caricature
  • Some dipshit donated rags to charity and calls women "too greedy" for wanting something way more hygienic. Charming
  • Knomira wants snorers banned from campsites
  • Nirvana sued for child pornography based on the cover of their iconic album

Onwards to the storytelling. And from thence, I go out to actually get those firkin garment bags that Beloved wants.