Thursday, Day 0, PLNs

Plague news: one new case, an import. Seventeen total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 87% first vax, 74.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 76% first vax, and 61.8% fully vaxxed.

Today, I will be doing a lot of unriddling with an aim to become a reporting streamer for Game of Tomes. All going well, I should be able to do all of the things necessary. Fingers crossed.

If it goes badly, I might be building wibbly tunnels in TaleSpire to relax...

We shall see.

In the news:

  • Sydney struck with even more plague
  • More kerfuffle on the Baldwin set shooting
  • Dead bodies underneath Sydney train station. Relax, they're 181 years old
  • China back in hard lockdown
  • Fashion Police and Melbourne Cup going together like white and rice
  • Extra pay for turning up at the office?
  • Ppl going nuts over Bunnings lawn gnomes
  • More stupid plague rules
  • Phil Collins having nasty divorce
  • Ed Sheeran's baby tested positive to the plague
  • Schoolkid in Victoria accidentally brought a SNAKE to school in their bag

Onwards I go to unriddling Twitch. And writing 500 words. And building dungeons...