Thursday, Day 0, Ffffffff...

Five new cases, taking the active case count to thirty-seven, and every single one of those people are in hospital. Miss Chaos has the sniffles and I am obligated to drag her to the doctor's with flu-like symptoms -_-

Better safe than sorry.

Good thing this happened on a Thursday when I theoretically have little else to do but write my fictions. Yay. I still have to wait until the office to open so I can call in and let them know Miss Chaos has the sniffles. Paranoia pays off even now.

In the news:

  • Ex-TV host dunks on Meghan Markle and refuses to apologise. Stay classy
  • China accuses Australia of genocide
  • Human remains found in search for missing woman, remains are unidentified
  • Ex-priest charged with sexually abusing boys
  • K-Mart releases "vagina pants"
  • Frenzy over Cadbury item release
  • More photos of atmospheric lensing cause the internet to have fits
  • Little Woolies has technical issues where the self-serve checkouts fail and die

We made chicken soup yesterday, and with all luck the sniffles drama shall be done with soonish.