Thrice-special day

Today's the day!

Today's the day my Beloved celebrates another trip around the sun.

Today's the day I get my wound seen to and possibly the results of what the blip actually was.

Today's the fourteenth day on Serotonin and the day when all the effects have evened out.

Thanks to birthday cards with gift cards in them, Beloved has $100 to fritter in JB's. Half of that is thanks to MeMum and the other half is me. Huzzah.

I've no doubt that Beloved's co-workers will treat them to a special luncheon, and I have a special dinner planned with one of their favourites - corned beef.

But first, I have to drag myself to the local medic for updates on the things.

But FIRST - I need to do my work with an itchy shoulder and a foggy, foggy head. It's ridiculous that I feel this sleepy all the time. I could sleep until I can't sleep any more, but I still wake up with the foggy tiredness that won't go away.


I think I need better meds.