This time for sure!

We have all the shit collected. We are GOING to get Mayhem his dang tax file number and sort out all the financials thereafter.

Deep breaths.

And then I can give Mayhem some rational reasons to have an afternoon/after-school job once the Traineeship is over with. We need more money and I need a flying hope of being able to buy my new compy sometime real soon now.

But I do have to say that this compy has gone an entire month without giving me a frighten, so all might just be well. I can but hope. But I'd still rather save up the $3K because paranoid.

As soon as I'm done here, I'm taking Mayhem out and about for the paperwork because it's gone nine. And then I shall organise some other things. Like some gravel for the ruts near the shed where I park and endanger my car. With said ruts.

But no longer. I've had my year's change counted and I'm getting some gotdang gravel. End of. I need my new compy, but I also need a driveable car.

And I also need to make myself contact those firkin agents. I'm going all out. Trying to sell my shit to anyone I can get. I've been at this for five years. I'm halfway along the ten it should take me to get Noticed by people.

I need to get someone to help me handle that.

Fingers crossed, someone decides to do it. But I'm just about done with generic rejection letters.