thinking about robot butts because I am SPG trash

OKay. So I have this headcannon that Walter Robotics’ genuine robots have the WR emblem stamped on the left cheek of their -ah- ass plates.

And I’m thinking about this further and realised that you could line up the robo-asses and get a rough timeline of Walter Robotics emblems throughout 118 years

Rabbit, still having a majority of her original 1896 parts, would have a pre-WR emblem. Either a Victorian-style monograph of Pappy’s initials, or the my-headcannon-only Walter Mechanicals, which predated WR.

The Spine, last retooled in 1957, would sport a 50′s era the-future-is-art-deco WR logo.

Upgrade would have “80′s future” style WR logo, and The Jon’s logo would be from 1992, precisely.

Only Hatchworth, restored and upgraded in 2013, would have the modern WR logo on his butt. But someone [possibly Pete 6] has also stamped “A Colonel P. A. Walter original“ under the emblem.

You’d have to be within kissing range to read it [I told you I was trash when I started. OFC I pondered kissing robo-derierre] but it’s there.